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What Can We Do For You?

Quick and discreet on-site data destruction

Just one quick call will get you the most reliable name in Chicagoland on-site mobile shredding. American Mobile Shredding & Recycling is quick, reliable, secure, and cost effective when it comes to document destruction.

What do we destroy?

  • Accounting Records & Bank Statements
  • Budget Data & Business Plans
  • Canceled Checks and Credit Cards
  • Confidential Letters & Memos
  • Contract, Bids & Quotations
  • Copy Machine Rejects & Overruns
  • Customer Mailing & Prospect Lists
  • Labor Estimates, Price Lists & Forecasts
  • Legal Signatures & Negotiable Documents
  • Medical Information
  • Obsolete Forms & Inaccurate Data
  • Payroll & Personnel
  • Proposals, Research & Development Data
  • Tax Records & Financial Reports


American Mobile Shredding & Recycling understands the basic necessity of keeping control over your records and documents. Nothing is safe when your business is exposed and unprotected. Sensitive material, carelessly tossed away, can become a serious liability.


We’re serious about shredding! We can save you time, money, and labor by providing a cost effective alternative to maintaining equipment, space and personnel. Your security will never be compromised and neither will your budget. Contact us today for complete, confidential and secure service.

Small Orders

To serve our individual, family and small business customers, we have partnered with Dressel’s Hardware located at 1137 Chicago Ave., Oak Park, IL. Customers with small amounts to shred (1, 2, or 3 boxes) can drop them in secure containers during business hours that are then shredded by our mobile truck once per week. The charge for this service is $1 per pound.